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SPAH Crafts

Between treatments, guests create inspired spa products to take home.

SPAH party coordinators bring a craft table, all of the required supplies, a tablecloth, and bags to wrap up the guests' creations. 

Lip Balm

Lip balm has been one of our most popular crafts over the last ten years. Guests decorate the containers, using gems and duct tape to personalize the outside, before blending colors and flavor oils to make their own product.

The containers can also be decorated to work with different party themes.

Moisturing Body Spray

After decorating the spray bottle, guests smell and blend different scents to create their signature scent. Add white or rose gold shimmer to make the spray sparkle. 

Bath Salts

Jars are personalized, then guests enjoy smelling different essential and fragrance oils before blending them to create a unique scent. Next, they add the scent and color to Epsom/sea salts. Mixing in some Castille soap makes the salts bubble in the tub. Layering the salts in a jar creates a sand-art effect. 

Sugar Body Scrub

Guests decorate their containers with gems and duct tape. Next, they combine dry and wet ingredients to make a scrub, Adding scent and color makes each scrub unique. 

Hair Detangler

Making hair detangler using moisturizing ingredients, water, and scent, is both fun and practical. We like to think of detangler as a perfume for the hair. Decorating the bottle makes them unique.

After-School Clubs

SPAH brings spa-themed craft projects to schools for PTA-run after-school programs. Check out pics of our club's crafts.

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