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Our nail techs clean, buff, file, and polish nails using disposable tools.

Guests choose polish from our trendy colors as well as a special topcoat. Glitter, splatter paint, and sprinkles are popular topcoats. The party celebrant always gets extra attention. Our nail stations consist of a small table and chairs, that we bring to the event.


SPAH pedicures also feature exciting polish colors and topcoats. We do not use any metal tools. Our nail techs clean, buff, and polish the nails. Our pedicure station is similar to our manicure station; we bring a small table and two chairs. Guests enjoy sitting in our relaxation area while their polish is drying. 


SPAH mini-facials are performed on a massage table. The guest's face is cleaned and cooling cucumber slices cover their eyes, while a mask is applied. Hands and heads are massaged while the mask refreshes their face. Next, the mask is gently removed with a towel and their skin is finished with a light moisturizer   


Hair Styling

SPAH hairstylists create works of art! Each guest receives a unique style that compliments their hair. Guests can request a certain style, or ask for a surprise for a custom look. Some styles, especially braids, can stay in place for a few days, making braids a good choice for sleepovers.


Our massage therapists offer relaxing chair or table massage. The length of the massage depends on the number of guests but is usually around ten minutes each. It's just enough time to feel the benefit of the massage, without missing out on the party.


SPAH make-up artists apply light make-up to highlight our guests' natural beauty and add a touch of sparkle.

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